Finlandia: Varsity professors disgruntled with employers

Finlandia / 12 de octubre de 2016 / Fuente:

Professors are only marginally satisfied with their university employers, according to a survey on university by professors.
Over 500 professors responded to an email questionnaire from the Finnish Union of University Professors and more than every other felt that senior university management is not interested in their opinions.
Almost 40 per cent of respondents also criticised the lack of possibilities for research or artistic work. In this respect, the most dissatisfied were professors at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, the Åbo Akademi University, and the University of Oulu.
The schools with the highest satisfaction rating in this regard were the Hanken School of Economics, and the Jyväskylä University.
About six out of 10 respondents felt that they did not receive timely information regarding their universities top management operations.
About half the respondents believed that they could not rely on the decisions made by senior university management.
“In the light of the answers, we can already talk about a crisis of confidence,” said the chairman of the professors’ association, Kaarle Hämeri.
Overall, employers were given a rating of 6.9. The best rated institutions were the University of Lapland and the Hanken School of Economics, which both averaged a rating over 8.
“The tightened financial situation is reflected in the opinions of the professors, because negative feedback is coming from most universities, where there has been a major reduction of personnel following codetermination negotiations,” Hämeri added.
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