Zambia: Margrate Mwanakatwe Visits Evelyn Hone College

Zambia/21 de Noviembre de 2016/Allafrica

Resumen: La diputada central de Lusaka, Margrate Mwanakatwe, se tomó ayer para visitar la institución educativa más alta de su circunscripción – Evelyn Hone College.

Lusaka Central MP Margrate Mwanakatwe yesterday took time to visit the highest learning institution in her constituency – Evelyn Hone College.

Mwanakatwe, who is also serving President Edgar Lungu’s government as commerce minister, has seeming not forgotten the people that employed him.

The lawmaker has not only resigned to the plush air-conditioned offices that come with ministerial positions. She has often found time to interact with members of her constituency.

 Yesterday, she chatted with students and also men college principle Daniel Fwambo on a tour that would help her understand the scope of challenges facing the institution.

Evelyn Hone College has not been spared from perennial sanitation problems, erratic water supply, lack of equipment, overcrowding leading to shortage in bed space.

These challenges have occasionally forced students to take to the streets and riot.


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