Over 31% of Cyprus higher education students are from EU

Cyprus/August 15, 2017/Source: http://in-cyprus.com

The Education Ministry’s Department of Higher Education on Friday released a ‘map’ of the sector for the 2016-2017 academic years, showing that the vast majority of students attending local universities and colleges are either Cypriot or from another EU country.

According to the Department, of the 44,446 students studying at higher education institutions in Cyprus including state and private universities and colleges, 23,353 are Cypriot citizens (52.54%), 13,898 are citizens of other European countries (31.27%), and just 7,195 (16.19%) are students from third countries

It should also be noted that of the total, 12,681 students are studying via Distance Learning and so are likely not to live in Cyprus.

The figures reveal a 13.7% (4,165 students) increase in the number of students attending universities compared to the 2015-2016 academic year.

The increase when it came to colleges was 22.5%, corresponding to 1,634 students.

After the analysis of the data, it emerged that of the 44,446 total 35,551 students attend university and 8,895 other higher education institutions such as colleges.

The figures showed that 3,848 people were attending study programmes of between one and three years duration, 19,562 people attend regular university undergraduate programmes usually of a four-year duration and 3,890 people attend college undergraduate programmes.

The number of people attending postgraduate programmes at universities comes to 14,898 people, dropping to 1,097 people when it comes to colleges.

PhD programs at Universities attracted 1,091 people during the 2016-2017 academic year, while the corresponding programmes at colleges were attended by 60 people.

Regarding undergraduate subject preferences, Business Administration is the most popular, followed by Law, Accounting and Medicine.
As far as graduate students are concerned, most choose to specialise in Education, followed by Business Administration, and Health Sciences.

At Doctoral level, preferences are Education Sciences, followed by the Psychology and Business Administration.
Those pursuing certificates, diplomas and higher diplomas, meanwhile, seem to prefer the Security Services sector and Hotel Management/ Tourism as well as the Gastronomic Arts.


Over 31% of Cyprus higher education students are from EU

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