Namibia Prepares to Open Robotics School

Namibia/ 14.05.2018/ From: Allafrica.

Windhoek — In an exciting move by dynamic local duo, Bjorn and Kirstin Wiedow of FABlab fame, a new and inventive school will launch in Windhoek in June 2018, aptly dubbed ROBOTSCHOOL – ‘the robotics hardware and software school for kids of the future’.

Technology is no doubt building the future as we all witness explosions of it in our everyday lives; from the fast evolving of the brick phone to the super sleek iPhone and now tablets and even locally designed small form factor computers like the inspirational PEBL from local innovator Vincent van Wyk, we are dependent on it to survive.

According to the World Economic Forum, over half of the world’s young people will end up in jobs that haven’t been created yet.

Considering the current curriculum that children between the ages of 6 and 13 are learning, it is worth noting that this curriculum was developed years ago and in parallel the digital era and Fourth Industrial Revolution are changing everything around us daily – these two need to go hand-in-hand if we are to learn the skills we need today, sadly this is not the case for many countries.



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