Fiji: UNICEF urges students to stand up for their rights

Oceania/ Fiji/ 20.11.2018/ Source:

UNICEF has urged students of Stella Maris Primary School to stand up and demand their rights.

In celebrating World Children’s Day, UNICEFrepresentative Sheldon Yett says the time for children to stand up and speak for themselves in now.

Yett says children are a minority and their voices should be heard.

“Today is World Children’s Day and Children should stand up for their rights and remind government that they have the right to education, the right to play, right to health care, and many other rights that is sanctify in that convention.”

Yett says parents and teachers also have crucial roles to play in ensuring the rights of a child is protected and they are safe.

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Education, Timoci Bure says student should make good use of the free education provided by the government.

Part of the celebrations were songs from various classes, action songs and meke.


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