‘I’ve listened to teachers’: Dr. Jill Biden talks education plan in town hall at Valley HS

‘I’ve listened to teachers’: Dr. Jill Biden talks education plan in town hall at Valley HS

Educators in the Las Vegas valley had the chance to voice their concerns to Doctor Jill Biden in a town hall today at Valley High School.

Education, a topic close to her heart but also a change she believes is critical to our nation. Changes local educators could see if her husband, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the presidency.

“There’s so much that we need to do,” and Dr. Biden says it starts with listening.

“I’ve traveled around this country., I’ve heard what they need,” Dr. Biden said.

Dr. Biden, a teacher of 35 years said there’s a critical need for change when it comes to education. And her husband has the plan to do just that.

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Why? Because she says its teacher approved.

“The one thing when I say what would you like. They don’t say pay, they say we need resources for our children,” Dr. Biden said.

Part of Biden’s education plan is aimed to give educators the pay and respect they deserve with competitive pay and benefits.

But Dr. Biden said teaching also comes with its burdens.

“Children are coming from homes where poverty exists, they’re coming from homes with food insecurities, they’re coming from maybe victims of domestic violence. And so, our teachers are so burdened I think with trying to teach their subject area and then trying to help all these children through life’s problems,” Dr. Biden said.

Joe Biden’s plan is to invest in mental health resources to help students grow so educators can focus on teaching.

“They need help with wraparound services and that’s why Joe Biden is going to double the number of counselors and psychologists in our schools,” Dr. Biden said.

Though Dr. Biden said education is what sets her husband apart. It’s experience that will make a difference.

“When he is on that debate stage and he and Donald Trump are going head to head. The one thing, when Donald Trump stands up there and says, ‘I’ve been in this situation and I can make these decisions.’ Joe Biden can stand right up against him and say, ‘Yes, but I have done that too,” Dr. Biden said.

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