England: Greta Thunberg to join school strike in Bristol

Europe/England/23-02-2020/Author (a) and Source: www.bbc.com

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg is to join a school strike in Bristol.

She tweeted she was «heading for the UK» and was «looking forward» to joining strikers on College Green in the city centre on Friday morning.

Bristol Youth Strike for Climate (BYS4C) said it was «honoured to be welcoming» the 17-year-old.

Ms Thunberg, who is expected to travel by train, is due to make a speech before joining a samba band-accompanied march.

Izzy Smitheson, from BYS4C, said Ms Thunberg had contacted the group because she «wanted to strike with us».

School strike in BristolImage copyrightARCHIE RICHARDS
Image captionThe first school strike in Bristol took place in February last year

Ms Smitheson, 17, said: «We didn’t have a strike planned, so it’s a lot of last-minute organisation.

«The whole Bristol community has come together to make it happen. We think Greta’s presence will make it very big and bring a lot of energy to the strike.»

Greta Thunberg mural
Image captionArtist Jody Thomas painted a mural of Ms Thunberg in Bristol last year

Two years ago, Ms Thunberg started missing lessons most Fridays to protest outside the Swedish parliament building, in what turned out to be the beginning of a huge environmental movement.

She has become a leading voice for action on climate change, inspiring millions of students to join protests around the world.

Source and Image: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-51597922

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