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En Barbados, dos escuelas secundarias celebraron el día del orgullo africano

Two Secondary Schools Celebrate African Pride

fuente: on February 25, 2016/ by Joy-Ann Gill


Graydon Sealy Secondary School will mark African Awareness Day tomorrow, Friday, February 26, under the theme: Celebrating Our African Diversity: Celebrating Kenya.

Following an address by Head of the General Studies Department and coordinator of the event, Lincoln Springer, activities at Paddock Road, St. Michael, will get under way from 9:00 a.m.

Students will showcase Kenya through dance and song, drumming and modelling of hairstyles and dress.

At Grantley Adams Memorial School, there will be a grand finale of activities on Monday, February 29, beginning at 9:00 a.m. This follows month-long celebrations at the Blackmans, St. Joseph, institution, which were held under the theme: Rastafari And The Black Struggle.

Nyabhingi Chant of the Ichirouganaim Council for the Advancement of Rastafari and The Nyabinghi Order will address students on the theme, and there will be an African Artifact Exhibition by Adhim Muhammad.

Students, in their African garb, will also participate in a concert, featuring mainly Barbadian pieces – drama, songs, poetry and dance. One highlight is expected to be a poem by English teacher and Dramatist, Pamela Bowen, and student, Nicholai Als.

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