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Dubai: GEMS Education launches scholarship programme

Dubai/July 18, 2017/Source:

The programme, offers three levels of partnership to universities and colleges.

GEMS Education has recently launched a UniConnect Programme that focuses on providing scholarships to GEMS students seeking admission at universities within the region and across the globe.

The programme, offers three levels of partnership to universities and colleges — platinum, gold and silver. Each partnership level provides different relationship opportunities for the institution and for families as well. Universities across a wide spectrum of countries have been invited to sign up as partners.

“This initiative aims to make access to higher education a realistic choice for all our GEMS graduates … Students can apply to specific scholarships, access financial aid and in some instances receive preferred preference at the university and colleges we are partnered with,” said Dino Varkey, Chief Executive Officer, GEMS Education.

GEMS recently announced a partnership with Intelligent Partners, the leading ‘study abroad’ and university advising consultancy in the Middle East. That alliance aims to complement existing college and university admissions advisers within the GEMS network, and offer a new and comprehensive range of services. The UniConnect will provide the next step to this by providing access to partner universities and colleges, and highlight their specific offering to GEMS students.

“Our aim is to develop a world class hub for advice on tertiary education, encompassing all the major aspects including career advising, college placement, assessment test preparation and guidance and more importantly help and support with sourcing scholarship and financial aid,” said Robert Wilson, Consultant on Higher Education Initiatives at GEMS.



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