Kenya: Starehe girls closed over unknown disease

Africa/Kenya/16-10-2019/Author: Margaret Kalekye/Source:

Starehe Girls Centre has been closed indefinitely after an outbreak of what has now been established to be a common flu.

There was panic at the prestigious school after 52 students were quarantined when they started coughing, sneezing and having fever.

“The Starehe Girls Centre Community confirms that there has been an increasing number of cases presenting with an unknown cause of high-pitched cough, sneezing and low-grade fever amongst some of the students, 52 girls have since been isolated for observation within the school”  read a statement issued by the school on Monday.

Following a crisis meeting between education ministry officials and the school management Thursday morning, Forms 1, 2 and 3 students were sent home for four days to recuperate.

“In consultation with MoE/MoH officials and BOM the school management has taken the considered decision to allow the girls to go home. This is to accelerate their individual recuperation from what’s has been established to be a common flu said the schools’ communication manager Victoria Miguda.

She added” to dissipate the anxiety that has been building up amongst the girls. The students will resume studies on Monday 7th October 2019. The decision has also been taken into consideration of the form four candidates preparing for the national examination”.

Affected form four candidates will continue receiving treatment in the school.

Samples had been taken to Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for analysis.


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