Guernsey’s teachers warn of ‘calamitous’ education plans

Guernsey’s teachers warn of ‘calamitous’ education plans

A group of teachers have written an open letter warning against «calamitous» education plans.

The letter from teaching staff at St Sampson’s High School, Guernsey, has been signed by 88 staff members.

Guernsey’s States has proposed reducing the current four school system to two sites under one combined institution.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, president of the committee for Education, Sport and Culture said the reforms were «much better» than any other model proposed.

The teachers’ letter warns of issues with transport, infrastructure and space in the plans to have two secondary school sites.

It reads: «Whilst we agree with the Executive Leadership Team that delay and uncertainty are difficult, we strongly feel that to continue along the present path without pause for reflection and improvements to the current transition model will lead to a calamitous result for education and the island as a whole.»

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The signatures from 95.6% of the St Sampson’s faculty were verified by Deputy Peter Ferbrache.

The open letter is a response to another open letter from Guernsey’s education committee, whose plans are being scrutinised, which warned against a delay which would have «no winners».

Three deputies have released the draft of a petition they intend to place, calling for the current plans for a single secondary school across two sites to be compared with other previously presented models of non-selective education before any contracts are signed.

Guernsey States approved the final version of the new model by 23 votes to 15 last September.

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