Eritrea: Institutions of Higher Education Conduct Festival


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Resumen: El 7º Festival de las instituciones de educación superior se realizó el 24 de marzo en las instalaciones de la Institución de Tecnología de Eritrea en Mai-Nefhi.

Asmara — The 7th festival of the Institutions of Higher Education was launched on 24 March at the premises of the Eritrean Institution of Technology at Mai-Nefhi; the environs of Asmara. The opening ceremony was attended by senior government and PFDJ officials, heads of national associations, members of the institutions of tertiary education as well as foreign diplomats.

In his opening speech, Prof. Gebrehiwot Medhane, the Vice President of EIT stated that the festival had been going on for four months at the college levels.

Mr. Mensura Ismail, Head of the NUEYS at the Institutions of Higher Education for his part underlined that the underlying purpose of the festival was to nurture competition and the exchange of experiences among the youth.

Mr. Alamin Mohammed Seid, the Secretary of the PFDJ, officially opened the exhibition prepared by the students.

The four-day festival includes educational and artistic contests, traditional and modern sports competitions, exhibitions, display of innovations as well as cultural shows.

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