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África/Diciembre de 2017/Fuente: Music in Africa

Resumen: La educación en las artes es tan esencial como en cualquier otro campo y, aunque muchos músicos creen que puede manchar su creatividad y su punto de vista original, no hay duda de que hay más aspectos positivos que negativos que restar del estudio de la música. Al igual que el gran Picasso, que produjo pinturas de realismo antes del cubismo pionero, los músicos novatos deben aprender los principios básicos antes de que puedan ser apreciados por su creatividad.

Education in the arts is just as essential as in any other field and although many musicians believe that it can taint their creativity and original point of view, there is no doubt that there are more positives than negatives to take away from studying music. Just like the great Picasso, who produced realism paintings before pioneering cubism, novice musicians must learn the basic principles before they can be appreciated for their creativity.

But music education does not only go as far as music theory; it also involves other aspects of the industry such as business, stagecraft, copyright and media studies, to name a few. It is incumbent on today’s music professional to know as much about the music industry as possible if they want to participate in a highly competitive sphere where only the best get to make a living from their efforts.

At Music In Africa we see education as one of the central elements still missing from music in most countries on the continent. If one considers the exceptional artists and many musical styles that originated on the continent, then Africa is arguably the world’s richest source of musical talent. It unfortunate, however, that much of the talent that Africa produces is neglected in favour of other professions deemed more important by society or political structures.

This is why Music In Africa strives to provide our readership with authoritative educational content about all the aspects of music, such as instrument lessons, lessons on how to build your own instrument, information about what avenues you can take to educate yourself in various African countries and expert tips on the best practices required to be a successful music professional, among others.

Check out some of the educational material we have on our portal below and make sure you return to this page daily as we continue to add content during the month of December.


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