Pakistan: Reforms in health, education sectors need of hour: governor

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Resumen:  El Gobernador de Punjab, Malik Rafique Rajwana, dijo que ha sido sugerido el sistema de colaboración público-privada, como reformas en los sectores de salud y educación.

Punjab Governor Malik Rafiq Rajwana said that public-private partnership system has been suggested, as reforms in the health and education sectors was the need of the hour.

Speaking at the residence of former MNA Sheikh Rasheed, the governor said that doctors should perform their duties at government hospitals efficiently and diligently so good health services can be provided to the patients.

He said that Punjab government was going to run big hospitals and educational institutions with the help of public-private partnership to improve standard of medical treatment and education.

He said that the government would provide more budget to health institutions, and free medical treatment facilities would be offered to the needy.

He said that corporate culture needs to be adopted and strengthening of human resource sector should be ensured for providing quality education and health facilities to the masses.

The governor said that Multan Metro Bus project was being completed on a fast pace, and after its completion, the people would be able to enjoy safe journey in air-conditioned buses.

He disclosed that the Multan Institute of Kidney Diseases and Children Complex Hospital would be inaugurated soon.

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