Nigeria: Unn Allumni Rehabilitate College of Medicine, Donate N18m Projects

Nigeria/Agosto de 2016/ AllÁfrica

Resumen: Veinte años después de su graduación (1995) , el conjunto de los médicos de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Nigeria , Nsukka ( UNN ) , el sábado se protagonizó una remontada a la escuela con la donación de las instalaciones , así como la renovación de la infraestructura en decadencia en la institución .

wenty years after their graduation, the 1995 set of doctors of the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), on Saturday staged a comeback to the school with the donation of facilities as well as renovation of decaying infrastructure at the institution.

They promised to invest massively in sustaining the school’s ‘towering image’.

The doctors who congregated under the aegis of ‘Lynx 95′ donated a 40 KVA solar power system to the new 120-room medical students’ hostel at the cost of N10 million.

The 1995 set of UNN medical graduates also renovated the lecture theatre at Ituku Ozalla, new site of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH).

 They equally changed the roof, ceilings, broken windows, refurbished electrical connections and fixtures, repainted the edifice, repairing the plumbing and installing an overhead water tank. All these gulped about N18.5m, they said.

The cordinator of Lynx 95, Dr. Obi Okoli, a USA based infectious diseases specialist, who spoke during the donations and infrastructural rehabilitation in the school, said they were motivated to give back to the school what it gave them in learning and character.

«Unlike the conducive atmosphere in our time at the medical school, what we found upon our visit to the school earlier were classes with leaky roofs, disjointed and disconnected electrical installations, and classes with broken window glasses, among others.

«We drew inspiration from the late Catholic Pontif, Pope John Paul 11 who said: «No man has so much that he has nothing to receive and no man has so little that he has nothing to offer» as well as the late Mother Theresa who admonished: «Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier,» he said.



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