Kenya: Education Ministry sets tough measures to curb exam cheating

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Resumen: El Ministerio de Educación ha anunciado medidas más duras para frenar el engaño, que incluyen la prohibición de las cajas geométricas y portapapeles.  Las medidas anunciadas por el secretario del gabinete Educación Fred Matiang’i junto con su TIC y las contrapartes de Seguridad Interna Joe Mucheru y José Nkaissery también incluyen la prohibición de las tablas matemáticas y calculadoras para los exámenes que no requieren de ellos.

Nairobi — The Ministry of Education has announced more tough measures to curb cheating which include the banning of geometrical boxes and clipboards.

The measures announced by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i together with his ICT and Internal Security Counterparts Joe Mucheru and Joseph Nkaissery also include the banning of mathematical tables and calculators for exams that do not require them.

«The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has reviewed examination rules on the conduct of the national examinations to seal loopholes that have previously enabled candidates to cheat in examinations. Some of the changes include banning the use of clipboards and geometrical sets from examination rooms,» a statement from the ministry stated.

Candidates will be required to carry their geometrical instruments and writing materials in a clear see-through porch/poly bag/plastic paper.»

According to the statement, the use of mobile phones within the precincts of the examination centres will not be allowed for all involved during the written examinations set to begin next week.

«The role of Principals/Head teachers has been reviewed to make them Centre Managers in their examination schools hence ensure that they more accountable for the examination administration process,» the ministry said.

Matiang’i further stated that the teachers who are expected to remain in school will be those involved in the administration of practical subjects and boarding facilities as all schools are expected to close by Friday.

«All teachers except those involved in the administration of practical subjects and boarding facilities will be expected to remain out of schools during the examination season starting from November 1st to November 30th 2016,» he said.

He explained that head teachers and principals of all schools will pick the examination materials daily from the containers and return the scripts to the containers at the end of the examinations daily.

He stressed that all necessary staff have been trained on matters related to physical security, personal security and document security.

He pointed out that all supervisors and invigilators who will be involved in the 2016 examinations have been vetted to ensure that they are suitable to dispense their duties.

«It is expected that due to the creation of an examination season, teachers of high integrity will be released to supervise and invigilate the examinations,» he said.

He emphasised that all systems of storage and distribution of examination materials have been reviewed and that they will employ intensive ICTs more than ever before.

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