Kenya: Form three student arrested in Nyandarua for assaulting teacher sentenced

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A form three student who pleaded guilty to assaulting his teacher has been handed 18 months non-custodial sentence, as the court ordered his transfer to another school.

Samuel Muigai Migwi was sentenced to 18 months’ probation by Nyahururu Senior Resident Magistrate, James Wanyanga who said the court took the decision after considering the circumstance of the case.

The particulars of the case were that on January 18, 2021 at Murichu Secondary School, Muigai rained kicks and blows to the teacher on duty James Gikonyo, who he accused of embarrassing him for jumping a meal queue, causing injuries.

He was also charged for causing disturbance at the school and damaging public property namely, projector’s stand belonging to the school.

In his mitigation, Muigai pleaded with the court to pardon him and promised to be a law-abiding citizen. He also promised to apologise to his teacher and work on his anger issues.

“I promise to work hard in school and avoid involving myself in mischievous ways. For the three weeks I have been in prison, I have learnt my lesson the hard way,” he said.

While considering a Presentence Report, SRM Wanyanga, handed him 18 months probation for the first two accounts and dismissed the third account.

“I cannot order you to go back to the same school as you could be mistreated by teachers and students, for creating a bad name for the school. I am therefore of the opinion that the parents get him another school.

“If you misbehave in the other school, we will not only revive this matter but also prosecute you for the other offense,” Wanyanga warned him.

Muigai is expected in court on December 16, 2021, when a progress report on his behaviour will be presented.

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