Finlandia: College studies costs a student EUR 2500

Finlandia / 01 de febrero de 2017 / Fuente:

Attending upper secondary school costs a single student more than 2,500 euros, reported the Finnish language daily Savon Sanomat.

The sum is based on calculations made by the Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto (The Union of Finnish Upper Secondary School Students) this autumn.

According to the union, study materials costs about 2,000 euros during the period a student is enrolled in a school.

The calculation took into account the cost of a laptop computer, among other things. Possible commuting to school or housing expenses were not taken into account.

Students enrolled in upper secondary schools have to buy learning materials in accordance with a new curriculum that came into force this autumn.

Students may also be compelled to acquire own devices such as a laptop. According to the union, study materials should be free of charge and should be the responsibility of the education provider.

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