China Education Fair attracts Nepali students to study at Chinese universities

China/Diciembre de 2017/Fuente: Xinhuanet

Resumen: La segunda edición de China Education Fair 2017 concluyó aquí el domingo, con la participación activa de estudiantes nepaleses que aspiran a realizar estudios superiores en universidades chinas. Alrededor de 2.000 estudiantes nepaleses asistieron a la feria de dos días que tuvo como objetivo proporcionar información y orientación a los estudiantes nepalíes para sus estudios posteriores en instituciones académicas de China. La feria, organizada por una organización educativa privada Fresh Start, proporcionó información sobre el sistema educativo chino, las estructuras de tarifas, las oportunidades de becas y las políticas de visas para los estudiantes nepaleses. «Proporcionamos información detallada a los estudiantes de Nepal sobre cursos básicos, licenciaturas, maestrías y doctorados en facultades como ingeniería, ciencia y tecnología, y economía, entre otros», dijo a Xinhua Dipesh Regmi, directora de Fresh Start Nepal.

The second edition of China Education Fair 2017 concluded here on Sunday, with active participation of Nepali students aspiring to pursue higher studies at Chinese universities.

Around 2,000 Nepali students attended the two-day fair that aimed to provide information and guidance to the Nepali students for their further studies in academic institutions of China.

The fair, organized by a private educational organization Fresh Start, provided information about the Chinese education system, tuition fee structures, scholarship opportunities and visa policies for Nepali students.

«We provided detailed information to Nepali students about foundation courses, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in the faculties like engineering, science and technology, and economics among others,» Dipesh Regmi, head of the Fresh Start Nepal, told Xinhua.

The exhibition was being held at a time when the Chinese government has set a target of having half million foreign students by 2020.

Altogether 16 renowned Chinese universities participated in the fair, along with the presence of representatives from various educational institutions and counselors. Jiangsu University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China University of Mining and Technology were some of the participating universities.

Zhang Yawei, representative from Shandong University of Science and Technology, told Xinhua that «from 2006, we started English-taught courses in our university in electronics, tele-communication and chemical engineering. We have produced hundreds of international students, including those from Nepal, who have shown excellent performance. We are offering various scholarship programs to Nepali students.»

According to the Nepal China Cultural and Educational Council, nearly 5,000 Nepali students have studied in China, starting from 1957.

«I want to study in China because of the gaining reputation of Chinese universities. Their programs are diverse and I am glad that they provide scholarships too,» Sajan Thakuri, an under-graduate student at Joseph College, told Xinhua.


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