En Barbados, estudiantes de primaria y secundaria son invitados a presentar proyectos de electricidad y energías renovables

Students Invited To Register For Competition

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Students across the island are being encouraged to enter the science competition hosted by the Media Resource Department (MRD) in partnership with The Barbados Light & Power Company.

The Electricity and Renewable Energy Science Exposition targets primary school students aged seven to 11, and secondary students aged 12 to 18, and will award prizes to the top three entries in both primary and secondary categories.

Entries may be investigative or inventive but must focus on the use of electricity and/or alternate sources of energy. Winning entries will be displayed at BMEX 2016, to be held from May 13 to 16, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.

Schools may register at www.mrd.gov.bb, or www.facebook.com/MRDBarbados. The deadline for the submission of projects is Friday, April 29.

Acting Assistant Chief Media Resource Officer, Burkley Lowe, in welcoming the partnership between BL&P and the MRD, said: “Each year at BMEX, we continue to see excellent work from both primary and secondary schools in the area of Woodwork and Fine Arts, in addition to many other innovative products.

“This year, we wanted greater emphasis placed on projects which focus on renewable energy and electricity. Through our partnership with BL&P, we are able to offer a first prize in both the primary and secondary category valued at $2,500. The second and third prizes have a value of $1,500 and $1,000 respectively.”

He noted that an added incentive for the top three winners from both primary and secondary schools is that their work would be prominently displayed at BMEX 2016 and would be eligible for the Most Innovative School Display award, which is also sponsored by BL&P. That award comprises a plaque and a cheque of $1,000.

BL&P Communication Administrator, Jackie Marshall-Clarke, endorsed the partnership with MRD, remarking that the two entities had found an area of common interest.

“We both want to promote innovation in science and technology in our schools, since the future can be shaped by many of our young creative thinkers. We are eagerly looking forward to the exhibits from the schools,” she stated.


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