Sri Lanka: Education Minister in another bid to buys tabs for students

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A census conducted by the Ministry of Education for the year 2017 confirmed that 433 schools in the Island did not receive a single Grade One application last year.

A majority of these schools are established in rural areas. The rural community has become frustrated with the schools due to the lack of resources. Over the past few days, News 1st reported on this crisis, but this, in fact, was just the tip of the iceberg.

A recent Cabinet paper clearly indicates that the government has no proper vision and does not understand the reality on the ground when preparing policies. This Cabinet paper was put forward yesterday by the Subject Minister and is likely to be approved at the upcoming meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

This Cabinet paper includes a programme to provide Tabs to Advanced Level students and teachers of 353 national schools. The programme is to be carried out at a cost of over Rs. 1 billion in public funds.

Rather than utilizing public funds to resolve the crisis surrounding the physical and human resources of the nearly 4.5 million students at government schools, is it practical to invest in Tabs for these children?

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