Namibia: There Is No Place for Racism At Institutions of Higher Learning – Kandjii-Murangi


The Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi says racism will not be condoned in the education and training sphere in Namibia.

Addressing staff members of the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) southern campus at Keetmanshoop yesterday, Kandjii-Murangi spoke out strongly against those trying to destroy the institution from within, pointing out racism as one destructive factor that must be condemned within the education and training field.

She said there is no place for racism in institutions of training such as NIMT, as such institutions are meant for all Namibians irrespective of their background, race or creed. She warned those with such tendencies to stop and called on staff to stay away from people with such tendencies.

«If we talk about racial matters, what are we saying about our policy of reconciliation? Let us stand together as Namibians – issues of racism do not have a space in the landscape of training and education, it does not have space here, and if you are here and you think you can play that card, then this is no space for you here at all.»

She further called on those with racism tendencies to stop, saying such people are polluting the minds of the Namibian youth who are the gems of the country, noting that Namibia has already been through a lot as a result of racial division and cannot afford to go back to the past. She called on everyone to work as a team and not allow NIMT to be destroyed from within.

The education minister added that NIMT has grown into a reputable institution and thus such respect cannot be thrown away in the dustbin due to a few troublemakers, and urged all staff members to guard against being used by some rotten apples.

«Let us guard against whatever element … we have identified is polluting others. There will be many storms as in any house, and as we know in any institution there will be that indecent person, that rotten apple,» she said.

She noted that NIMT has become a family of people who have nurtured certain values and principles – principles of excellence, respect and harmonious co-existence, effective communication, caring and going an extra mile for its trainees and thus such a culture should not be compromised.

She furthermore said that Namibia has entrusted the training and educating of its youth to NIMT, but training will not go well if those who are supposed to train these youths are pulling in different directions, and therefore everyone must work towards the same objectives.

«Namibia has entrusted the training and educating of its youth to you, now if you are divided, if you do not see eye to eye, how are you going to train the youth of this country? How are you going to put them on the right path? How are we preparing them to become agents for industrialising this country?»

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