Rwanda: NGO takes menstrual hygiene drive to Kicukiro-Based school

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Resumen: La organización Iniciativa para el Desarrollo de la Salud (IDH), llevó a cabo una campaña de sensibilización en la escuela secundaria Kagarama sobre el ciclo menstrual de la mujer, como una estrategia para romper los tabúes que rodean a la menstruación. Las discusiones estuvieron en línea con un evento anual con motivo del día de la higiene menstrual. Este año, el día de la higiene menstrual se celebró bajo el lema, «Cada día puede ser un buen día, incluyendo días de periodo».

Health Development Initiative (HDI), conducted a sensitisation drive at Kagarama Secondary School to raise awareness on women’s menstrual cycle and mostly to break the taboos surrounding menstruation.

The discussions were in line with an annual event to mark the menstrual hygiene day.

This year, the menstrual hygiene day was celebrated under the theme, «Every day can be a good day including days of period.»

HDI is a non-government organisation that works towards a society in which everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the highest standards of health and wellbeing.

The event featured a question-and-answer session discussing menstruation, and open discussions on the subject where girls and boys participated.

Speaking at the event Beatha Uwazaninka, communication coordinator for HDI said the menstrual hygiene day was started to solve the problems that girls meet during their menstrual period and break silence on menstruation.

«Menstrual period is viewed as a taboo by some people in the community which is not right. During menstrual periods, girls face various problems which affect their academic performance. We sensitise the young generation about Sexual and Productive Health. We teach them about menstruation and how they can manage it.»Uwazaninka said.

She said HDI plans to travel to schools in different parts of the country to extend awareness with focus on parents to encourage them to have open discussions with their daughters about their body changes as they grow up.

Aliane Iranyuze, a senior three student and an actress, said more discussions on menstruation should be carried out through debates, plays, and even taught in class to help girls know more about their bodies.

Fiona Mbabazi, another student, said sensitisation in schools about menstruation is necessary because it will also help girls overcome the stigma attached to it especially by the boys..

Aline Abatesi, the head girl at Kagarama Secondary School said together with school leaders, they help girls to meet all requirements for hygiene during their menstrual period.

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